DJ Heldt


DJ Heldt

DJ Heldt is a favourite among DJ enthusiasts. Each set includes live remixes and studio productions; making every playlist and every mix unique to that place and time.

Continued work at Private, Club and Corporate events, makes it possible for DJ Heldt to exercise a huge variety of playlists. He makes use of many styles, such as Disco, Funk, Hip Hop and D&B to create great throwback party vibes, though he is most highly regarded for his style of contemporary Tech House, laced with bass, at home at any festival or Balearic island.

In recent years DJ Heldt has proved himself to be a valuable addition at many high-profile events, working alongside live bands and solo artists to create outstanding bespoke events.


Tirelessly creative, 8RAY prides itself on providing artists who inspire, engage and act with integrity; the type you can trust to deliver a musical experience crafted in your image.

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